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Allen Jay

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When we first met Allen Jay (A.J.) and 20yo at the time, he had no money and was living on the streets. He's a VEGAN and eats no meat or dairy products. He considers himself bisexual and loves sucking a male sausage and eating a straight asshole. Speaking of male sausage, A.J. packs a thick 7.5" himself.

After a couple of years, it turns out that nothing much has really changed. He's still broke and living on the streets. Which is why he's back to give escorting and gay porn another try.

A.J. has become a fan's favorite with his great personality, beautiful dick and enthusiasm for fucking. He's got a nice slim body and you can tell he is a healthy, hot boy. Think of him as a "Diet Bi-Boy," with more filling cum and half the fat.

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