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John is my newest straight guy recruit into the Gay For Pay bootcamp. With his smoking hot good looks, sexy tattoos and the fact he is a true 'grower' with his fat 8 inch cock it's a no-brainer why I brought him back.

I first met this hot hunky straight guy when I was filming for 'the old site' many of you know that I used to film for. Since he is 100% straight, I was never able to convince him to suck the dick; he was just a 'wham, bam thank you m'am' kind of guy, who refused to do anything other then get that huge cock of his sucked.

I could almost live with that, seeing as how you don't get to see straight boys with big dicks like this every day. I knew it would be a challenge to train this guy. But fortunately I had an 'Ace in the Hole' to help me. His name is Tyler and many of you know him as he has starred in over 70 video scenes for D&E Productions. If anyone can convert a straight guy, Tyler can!

How far will we be able to get John to go? Will he get over his phobia of 'sucking the dick'? Will I be able to convince him to take his first cock up his ass?

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