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Jon King

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1963 - 1995

Jon King was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and was said to have written to Hand in Hand Films founder Jack Deveau as an 18 year old in an attempt to get into porn (Deveau declined). After moving to Hollywood, King gave porn star Jamie Wingo a ride to director William Higgins' office and was signed by Higgins. Jon was sometimes (falesly) billed as the younger brother of J.W. King, like for their feature Brothers Should Do It (1981). King was described as intelligent and typically stayed out of the limelight.

Selected Filmography:

Giants 2 (1983)
Screenplay (1984)
Getting It (1984)
Boys of L.A.
Wild Oats (1985)
Gotta Have It (1986)
Solid Intake (1993)

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