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Kip Noll

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1957 (Greenwich CT) 2001

Kip Noll was a lean, blond, shaggy haired surfer type and was an iconic figure of the 70s and early 80s gayporn, sometimes considered to be the first twink superstar. Noll discovered by a scout andworked, early on, with Mark Reynolds, who praised his cock-sucking abilities. Noll also workedwith Laguna Pacific, William Higgins (with whom he became closely associated, making mostlyfilms set outdoors in California or Hawaii with him), Jaguar, Catalina, and other studios. He madenotable appearances, in addition to those listed above in his filmography, in Boys of Venice,Cumming of Age, The Kip Noll Fantasy, Kip Noll & the Westside Boys, Roommates (with LeeMarlin), Class of '84, Pacific Coast Highway, Kip Noll Superstar, and Brothers Should Do It (withJ.W. King and Jon King). There were other 'Noll' men who were marketed as brothers: Bob, Scott,Jeff, Chip, and Marc. In 1980, Kip appeared in live stage performances in New York with NickRodgers and Lee Marlin (his co-stars in Grease Monkeys) and continued to perform at othertheaters, including with Lance and Daniel Holt in 1984 and at the D.C. Follies. Noll supposedlywas straight with a wife and children. Little is known about Noll after he retired in 1985.

Selected Filmography:

Grease Monkeys (1979)
Hot Rods (1980)
Flashback (Surge) (1981)

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