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Cal Sommers

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Cal Sommers is a nice laid-back country boy from Wyoming where he grew up on a cattle ranch. He's a lean hottie who neither masturbated nor had sex until a couple years ago; I thought "farm hands" were early bloomers? At 20, Cal's got a lot to learn and plenty of time to fuck around; we just hope he does some of that here.

Cal is studying Auto Engineering and hopes to one day open his own auto mechanics shop specializing in older model vehicles (nothing newer than the 70's). He just got word that he was selected to intern at the next Barrett Jackson Auto Show in Scottsdale, AZ and he's pretty excited about that; rightfully so.

Cal is straight and into pussy, but he did share with us in his interview that he and another guy got drunk at a party and did get a blowjob from him. After he did his solo, he seems quite relieved and happy to "share" himself; all I need to do now is find another guy who doesn't mind a hairy heifer herder.

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