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Chance is 23 years old and a straight boy born in Riverside, California who grew up in Prescott, Arizona. He's a carpenter by trade and while working on his truck, he banged up his hand and was unable to work for a while.

Chance happened to be in town visiting a friend who was enrolled at SpunkU. It was during "Open Set" that we do once per semester and a good way for us to get new students. People come in and actually get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes on a porn set and see what it takes to be a model in the adult industry. During "Open Set," we do offer people the opportunity to experience their own photo shoot as well as offer them the chance to make their own video and will pay them. Being out of work, Chance jumped at the opportunity.

As you'll see in his video, Chance is uncut and rather likes having some fun playing with the "little bit extra." When he's fully erect, he's got a nice 7" cock and knows how to please himself.

Fun Fact

While doing his photo shoot, it was actually comical. When asked to spread his cheeks and show his hole, and other poses, the look on his face was priceless. He never realized the different fetishes people have and like to see in photos.

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