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Jason Jimeno

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Some of you may recognize Jason Jimeno from his appearance with Davey Wavey in one of his videos. He's a 22yo Latino and from SoCal with a 7" uncut cock. Jason is the athletic kind of guy and enjoyed playing volleyball, soccer and football in high school. Jason said he still likes to try and hit the gym 2-3 times a week; and it shows looking at his toned body.

Jason heard about Spunk University from one of our Summa Cum Laude graduates, Rave Hardick and sent in his application. Once enrolled, it became obvious this young man was determined and eager to learn all he could about working in the adult industry. Jason now works part-time on our film crew in L.A. and pursuing his career in modeling.

From time to time, Jason will get the itch and do guest appearances in some of our productions including our latest shoot at Dyk's Place, popular among the students here at SpunkU.

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